January 10, 2012: Reinvent Your Wheel

It’s 2012 and you’re off to a glorious jumpstart. This one particular year however, bears many anxious indications in which the world will end as we know it. The Mayan calendar is due to conclude and we’ve been threatened with all kinds of trouble. Well, when it’s blatantly put in that way, it quickly exchanges the optimistic hour for a pessimistic second. It assumes a gloom of doom and motives to proceed under an unproductive and idle moon. But what if there is no end? What if after 2012 has ended, things continue to go on as we’ve so been accustomed to? And, in the interim, what if you’ve adopted such a perception, and employed absolutely nothing to assure your futures’ bright outcome? That, I believe – would be the greatest tragedy of all.

Now is the time to begin again. It is a time to consider possibilities – all of them, readjust your thinking, originate your plan, and reclaim your power. It is a time for reinvention; the reinvention of only you. Inventors and enthusiasts are forever planning, concocting, and engineering some new and improved solution for future years to come. Why not become the engineer of your own fate? After all, you own the divine apparatuses to creating the most improved, upgraded, enhanced version of yourself. Make a true believer out of only you. Dare to employ things you never did before. You need only let go of your fears and master your faith.

Yes, this year will be most challenging in one way – most rewarding in another. Not every moment is going to be easy. You will come up against issues that demand a great deal of time, concentration, and energy. There will certainly be adversities of all kinds, divorces, births, deaths, stumbling blocks, barriers, and worldwide catastrophes. I don’t believe however, there will be alien invasions, colliding comets, and devastating solar flares; that would be the second greatest tragedy of all.

In any event, we shouldn’t use this mere prediction as an excuse to lay low, be fearful, and uncreative for the next 11 months; rather, use this time wisely to plant seeds for fertile growth and upward mobility. Once the new and improved year of 2013 rolls around, you’ll certainly be glad you did. Have a little more faith in yourself and in your future.

Love and Light for your fruitful year ahead.

2 thoughts on “January 10, 2012: Reinvent Your Wheel”

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you guidance, Rochelle. It appears that even the Mayan elders do not agree on the exact date, but there is some agreement that we need to step fully into and own our unique gifts. As an astrologer I see that great changes are possible in the coming years that will bring new answers to longstanding problems. I celebrate the possibility of a better world. Thanks for your encouraging message!


    1. Diane, thank you for your positive and insightful feedback. The power of NOW can serve us momentously if we only give attention to the powers that be. Thank you for collaborating to celebrate the possibilities of a better world.

      Love & Light


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