January 17, 2012: Rewrite the Script

We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore. ~ Anonymous

On the set of every movie in attendance are a producer, director, production designer, actor, and writer. Although the producer goes to great lengths of choosing the most creative director and talented actor, the writer goes to extensive measures to making certain that the script is carried out in the scene – as it was intentionally written – and planned; though the challenge is some scenes don’t work as well in reality, as they did when they were being imagined and composed. Most often it is not until filming begins that the director observes a better way to convey the action. Much is the same for the writer who may wish to revise one particular scene altogether.

Billy Wilder once stated, “Audiences don’t know somebody sits down and writes a picture. They think the actors make it up as they go along.”

As both a writer and the mother of an aspiring actress, I have come to appreciate both ends of the spectrum. Most audiences do not recognize that the writer is in fact, the “silent” and most integral part of the movie making business. Writers are the people whose ideas, words, and character selections produce the most phenomenal and compelling story lines of all times. The script is the basic mechanism, the meat and potatoes, and therefore designs the stage for the scene to come to life.

The outline begins with a blank page, similar to how we must clear our minds to receive the creativity and clarity that is to derive. The idea precedes a long visualization process that eventually carries the script to the screen, similar to the way we tend to act out what and how we feel about ourselves and our present station in life. Just as journalists seek out positive stories that occasionally translate into negative scenarios by much of the media, our inner editors play similar roles. When we do not live up to the superlative character(s) we’ve designed for ourselves, our minds search for reasons to feel troubled, resentful, and ultimately unhappy; they forget our many blessings and advantages.

The journey of your script-to-screen will require your strong ingenuity, fortitude, patience, humility, and devotion. Attention to detail is critical. Just as well, don’t just focus on the high-definition image; learn to see and accept what it contains. The scenes in your life may force you to make rapid adjustments to unexpected upheavals. The script may periodically even take you “out of character” but little by little, the picture will soon come into focus.

Remember the television classic, “This Is Your Life?” Well, this IS your life. In this scenario though, your role is quite unique and significant; you play the host, the guest, and the writer. Now is a time for review. You can begin a whole new chapter in the story of your life. You can even decide that this is the kind of novel where the chapters dont follow sequentially. You can shift the scene and involve new chapters – or old ones – in situations previously undreamed of. It is possible to rewrite such a crucial part of your own story. Just step back, regroup, rethink, reposition, and step forward once more. Though each new page will require necessary modifications, just remember, this year gives way for the making of you.

The New Year is young. Youv’e got renewed energy, motivation, and real power now – to apply an adverse ending. Make it a great one.

Love and Light for your Script of Life.

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