January 24, 2012: Redefining Resolutions

Every January, everywhere you look are magazine articles glazed with sparkling colors in the book aisle of the neighborhood pharmacy, at the checkout counter of the local grocer, and on the news stands beside each subway station. The headliners project a promise to help create, “A Whole NEW You.” When some people see them they nod their heads, shrug their shoulders and say, “Oh dear, here we go again; thanks, but no thanks – I quite like the OLD me.” Others quickly scatter about the pages to find their next renewed upgrade: an improvement in their love lives, recovery of finances, a better meal regimen, unique haircut, wardrobe accessory, or other form of alteration certain temporarily to comfort their mental sensations.

Over the last several decades resolutions of each “New Year” have brought about an amplified focus on material gain, superficial enhancements, and appearance-oriented objectives. The need to be more diligent, less self-centered, more humble, and seek improvements in character traits have evaporated to a place of parting. Our souls no longer wish to stand the battlefields with our hearts, though we acknowledge somewhere alongside the journey that reality always wins. Studies show that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail – despite that 52% were highly confident of their attainment at the very beginning.

A resolution is defined as a solution; a declaration; an oath; a resolve; a purpose. The term “New Year’s Resolution” refers to a commitment one makes to one or more personal goals, professional endeavors, or reforming habits. What is said to differentiate a New Year’s Resolution from any other type of resolve is that it is anticipated in the spirit of new beginnings. However, most individuals make these proposals annually; without thought, effort, or any devotion.

It is not a bad idea to contemplate why our years’ past was one of the worst in the arena of love, elect to commit to a healthier diet, transform our personal style, or replace one fascination with another. It is, however, a wiser idea to consider the personal promises and presentations made to only ourselves that somehow culminated in the waste baskets of our minds before the subsequent month of each year began. When we can reflect on those previous years of possibilities, we noticeably see just how many assurances – and defaults – we have procured. In fact, many expired before they ever arose.

Despite the statistics, there is a chance to now discover “A Whole New You.” It may not be a question of changing the way you look to the world – as it is of how the way the world looks to you. Perspective is everything and change is just as good as it is inevitable. I no longer make new years’ resolutions; they merely render but a brief instance of expediency and simulated clarity. What matters most at this time are the promises I can KEEP with myself.

Positive possibilities are promising now. Nothing holds you back, nothing stops you, but everything pushes you forward. It is not impossible to go under, over, around or through any apparent obstacle. Better results are accomplished when you consider the greater meaning behind the blind. If you believe you are ready to change your life for the better now, you certainly can. Rediscover your moments’ worth and your moments will redefine your declarations – ones that can stick and stay.

Today I will keep my promises, especially the ones I make to myself. ~ Akoshia Yoba

Love and Light for your Tuesday.

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