January 31, 2012: A Reasonable Review

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ~ Rumi

Your journey into the New Year has begun to unfold. Are you dragging along old luggage from a previous trip? Are you painting a beautiful picture on to a discolored canvas? Or imagine pouring out a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee into a mug half filled with old cold tea. Would you really be satisfied sipping on that? Similar to how we need a clean set of clothing, a clear backdrop, and an unsoiled cup, we need just as well to desire, apply, and welcome change.

January 31st brings us to a review of long-standing perceptions and habits, yet more opportunities to balance and proceed with new practicalities. New beginnings often afford us new worlds that may not always be practical, yet they are extremely healthy to explore. Translate this year’s prognosis, if you can, into an intellectual journey. Throw yourself into a fascinating subject matter. Become skilled at a new language. Take an emotional trip. Consider the possibilities of all that is achievable and along the way, embrace the new and appreciate that the old is not hopeless or worthless; your perspective simply needs refreshing.

As the year proceeds you can review and renew your inner power. The power of internal change allows us to develop a more harmonious relationship not only with the world outdoors – but as well with ourselves. We own the greatest tools and have the greatest influence to affect change of any kind. The transformation of a new year enhances our ability to accept previous conditions as opportunities – not limitations. So why should you feel hopeful? Disappointments of the past may at times question your enthusiasm but this will more or less, be the speech that one part of your mind delivers to the rest of you. Just please remember that nothing has to remain as it was unless of course, that is really what you want.

Reboot your confidence with clarity. Recharge your spirit with purpose. Restore your faith with mental strength. Reinvent yourself and make use of your most creative powers. Rewrite your narrative. Repair your finances. Reinvest in your future and most importantly, review your plan of action. The spirit of a new years’ season brings us a reasonable review of how to proceed; but first, residing residue must be removed. No need to spray perfume on a nasty unpleasant odor. Let go. Move on. Be free.

Love and Light for every day of your divine existence.

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