February 14, 2012: The Greatest Love of All

“Everything I could possibly need is already here waiting for me.” ~ Louise Hay

There are some lessons in life we need only learn once. There are others, however, we must repeat, several times over. A single encounter with fire, for example, is sufficient to ensure we treat it with respect for evermore. But what about learning not to burn our inner candle at both ends? What happens when we lose our light during our fight or flight?

Learning to love and regard ourselves [for all intended purposes] has become a familiar lesson. It is a lesson that emerges many times throughout the course of our lives, in different languages yet similar scenarios that pull us through, push us forward, and provide us with a sense of perspective. We exist in a very disposable society, and one in which many folks are cynical about the art of loving: preserving it, providing it, accepting it. Not uncommonly, we invest a great deal of time and energy into caring and doing for others, but regrettably overlook our own desires, necessities, and emotional nurturing. We often fear that if we place that time and attention onto ourselves for a mere second, we will lose the “love” we have worked so hard to achieve from those we highly regard.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once eloquently said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

But what if the only thing we have to love is love itself? Why are we so terrified of our own hearts? Why do we give to others but continuously deplete and deprive ourselves? Why do we hurt ourselves to heal others? God’s love is the greatest love of all. It restores our faith and mends the broken pieces. It is fearless and endless; the beginning and the end. Love is consistent and comes in full supply from within us. Love is joyful, forgiving, patient, and kind. Love is comforting. It has purpose. Love is sweeter, stronger, higher, wider, and more pleasant than any other action. Love is a journey – both personal and shared – and is the most addictive emotion on earth. Eternally, love is YOU.

Self-love grants serenity and serenity often brings success. Too often in life we give up on things that may require just a little bit more devotion and due diligence. It is usually, though, when we are just about ready to give up on that something that we make the biggest breakthrough; we find refuge in our own self-confidence. Admittedly, too, we hold onto commitments we ought to have given up on so long ago. Seeking peace while identifying our divine purpose can be a persevering journey, but when our faith is employed, something magical tends to happen – we gain much needed staying power. We find the magic that makes us magicians; and all magicians must first believe in the power of their own ability.

Today, the energy of hope gives you magical power over all that is bad, negative, and insufficient. The month of February bestows perhaps the most influential lessons: it lovingly favours inner beauty, peace, success, reconciliation, creativity, and inspiration. Deepen the faith in yourself. Value your talents. Appreciate your inner security. Celebrate everything hopeful, beautiful, joyful, and peaceful. This February, do not neglect the opportunity to have the greatest love affair of all.

“Love is a choice you make every day.” ~ Gary Chapman

Loads of Love for your Tuesday. Reference commentary of September 14, 2010: All There Is

In loving memory of the beautiful Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston/August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012. Rest in God’s peace Whitney.

4 thoughts on “February 14, 2012: The Greatest Love of All”

  1. The Love you give away should always be secondhand……………. because u loved yourself First……………….. Loved the commentary,,,,,, Love has always been the answer,


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