March 6, 2012: The Powerful Energy of Joy

Every morning I awake and before my toes hit the floor running, I thank God for all that is wonderful and divinely possible. I attempt to address each day with the understanding that no moment is ever a perfect moment. There will always be a reason to prevaricate or postpone something. There will be drawbacks, downsides, disappointments, and decisions to worry about, and no opportunity is completely ordeal. But I also rise with the perception that I can make my moment [any moment] whatever I wish it to be; whatever I need it to be. Ultimately, this comprehension brings me to appreciate the power of positive and negative motivation.

There are many advantages to making choices. Whatever we choose and believe we deserve is generally what becomes of us. Feeling negative is a choice. Feeling dejected is a choice. Feeling deprived is a choice. Feeling grateful is also a choice – one that can aid us in appreciating life’s simple pleasures like having the ability to speak, hear, see, touch, and taste; basic necessities such as shelter, clothing, food, and clean water; and the human intelligence to acknowledge change, direct change, and employ change for our personal development and others. Every day we can choose to begin again, live again, create again, BE again.

Regardless of environment, circumstance, or challenge, there really is such a thing as the power of positive thinking. We hear about it all the time in workshops, seminars, and even sermons, but rarely ever put it into practice. We forget that the positive energy we create around us neutralizes the negative vibrations that affect our lives daily. Producing optimistic vibrations provide us the ability to exude joy, confidence, contentment, and peace of mind. We can generate these vibrations by putting positive thinking into practice.

Joy is a materialization of the powerful energy of love that exists in the universe, and generating joy has a snowball effect. Negative thoughts generate negative energy. Positive thoughts generate positive energy. It is just that simple. The universe is comprised of continuous forces both light and dark, not only in spheres – but also in individuals. The positive or negative energy carried around by any one individual not only affect other individuals but also humanity and the environment as well.

No two people on the planet are on the same journey in life. However, people are generally pulled between two opposing tendencies: a lack of self-confidence or overbearing pride. A lack of self-confidence causes a person to underestimate his or her potential; hence, not accomplishing efforts they may be capable of or able to achieve. Pride causes a person to overestimate his or her abilities; hence, accommodating more than they may be able to handle. In any case – both are disadvantageous to the quality of life. If you suffer from pride, you will never admit that you can’t handle something. If you lack self-confidence, you won’t dare attempt to conquer a challenge because you won’t know what you’re capable of. Allowing one of these tendencies to dominate one’s space makes it impossible for them to consider real possibilities.

The adoption of joy is attainable. With a fresh perspective, the powerful energy of joy can help move you forward in the month of March. When you focus on what is good, motivating, and positive, you discover that happiness is never about what you’ve got, where you are in life, or when you live; it is about how you live, how you view yourself, and how you connect your energy. It is about being open to inspiration, feeling willing to share that positivity and maybe too, making fewer anxious comparisons. Every day you OWN the power to embrace enthusiasm and chase the shadow of cynicism away.

Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment, and quit worrying about winning and losing ~ Matt Biondi

Love and Joy for your Tuesday.

One thought on “March 6, 2012: The Powerful Energy of Joy”

  1. I love this commentary. For me personally, its positively idyllic. Its so simplistic, yet inspiring all the same, and encourages me to be optimistic as Spring approaches. 🙂


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