June 5, 2012: Somewhere…over the Rainbow

The best things in life are truly worth waiting for, hoping for, living for. Those things are full of color and anticipative contentment. We know they require precious time. They can’t be hurried. The hanging about and the hoping is all a part of the pleasure. So too, is the uncertainty. Without any real element of doubt, there can be no genuine experience of liberation, optimism, gained trust, or reassurance. The possibilities of all things bright, good, and divine are what keep us focused on the journey ahead.

I am reminded of this by the philosophical lyrics of the inspirational Bob Marley, “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be all right;” so many of his legendary songs remind me of sunshine. Songs like these contain messages of resilience, courage, and reinforcement. We dare resist them because they prompt us to upsurge our sense of faith and have stronger beliefs in the goodness of life – for there is goodness in life. But don’t we sometimes wonder, “Can’t the composers of these songs see with their very own eyes, just how full this world is with things to worry about?” Sure they can, and the expected results from their optimism are confronted all the same.

Every challenge in life is a potential teacher. An uncertain or confusing situation is an opportunity to practice mindfulness, and difficult people and circumstances provide us with opportunities to display the highest level of passion and compassion. We will meet disappointments each and every day of our lives. Even too, we will have great expectations about things, unfulfilled wishes, unexpected arrivals, and necessary departures. Sometimes our priorities will be met; other times our plans may be blocked by circumstances. What we discover is that the moment we stop worrying about unimportant matters, we develop more peace of mind, faith, hopefulness, and endurance. And if we take our eye off the ball, if we stop worrying even for a moment, don’t we just make everything twenty times worse? Actually, we don’t. Whatever is to come – eventually does, and we have no control over that.

Sometimes, going through a difficult situation is the only way to arrive at an outcome that is much desired and that generates a long-lasting glow of delight, relief, and inspiration. So, how do you find that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? You continue traveling in the direction in which you last saw the rainbow’s end. Will you ever reach a point where you find a stick, protruding from the ground, marked by a little flag that says, “The rainbow end is right here, start digging?” No, but somewhere on the journey you will meet someone or discover something that opens your eyes to the possibilities – of everything possible. It is in the chasing of the rainbow that the magic of life is always found. Be hopeful, prayerful, and grateful. The dust is settling. The sun is rising.

Reference commentary of June 29, 2010: The Color of Contentment

Love and rays of sunlight for your Tuesday and week ahead.

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