May 29, 2012: Changing Lanes

Sway to the left.  Slide over to the right.  Commercial trucks, motorcycles, and compact cars do this all-day long on the roadways we travel.  When commuter traffic is heavy, we often find ourselves at a standstill, moving along by the inch.  But when the stream of traffic is a bit lighter, the freeways seem to gives us power to accelerate.  We pick up speed in a moments’ notice, when and where applicable as well as when we slow it down while approaching a layover.

Life is a lot like driving a car.  We must be flexible.  We must know when to halt and when to shift gears to move forward.  We are growing, changing, evolving beings.  Some life events warrant us the essential need to stand still.  Other happenings don’t grant us quite the comfort of immobility; we – must – MOVE.  Old wisdom advises us that for everything there is a time and season.  Each new hour, new day, new month, New Year, transforms us to grow and move along because change is the one thing that remains inevitable.   If the vehicle in our mind is not flowing, we are not developing; shifting; surfacing; becoming all that we know we can.

This month’s focus has been on sifting out, sorting through, using intuition, and shifting gears.  It is the perfect time for the consideration of such things given the powerful shift that June is sure to bring.  With such short notice, we are embarking upon the end of the first half of the year.  I often overhear people whispering, “Where did it all go?”  It’s going…and it’s going to keep going, on and on.   Somehow…we have to keep moving with it.

Over the course of our journey, we do some very strange things to make ourselves feel good.  Strangely too, we allow unexpected issues or abnormal encounters to make us feel ever so bad.  The thing is – we don’t always knowhow a development is likely going to make us feel – or react.  In these scenarios maintaining balance and seeking clarity of the mind is critical to our navigation on the road of life.   Some days we find ourselves being the humble passenger; other days we assertively steer the gear in the driver’s seat.  In knowing both how to take the lead lane and follow the unpredicted path can guide us to obtaining the highest level of emotional, mental, and spiritual stability.

As we move into the second half of the year, we shouldn’t be so stuck on old interests at heart, nor should we be so afraid of new horizons alongside the journey.  Now may be a good time to put vulnerabilities aside.  Sift through fears. Reboot faith.  Sort out all that needs amending.  Tap in to intuitive powers.  Then change lanes so you can gather speed with grace.

Conventional wisdom won’t steer you in the right direction – but intuition and inspiration surely will.

Tuesday’s love and light.

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