May 22, 2012: Seeking Security

This commentary is a repost of January 25, 2011.

Some days we win. Some days we lose. Some days we just can’t tell whether we are winning or losing. Those actually turn out to be the best days of all. They are certainly the most fruitful, even if they are not the most enjoyable.

Certainties of any kind afford us a false sense of security. Doubts are far more valuable. They give us an opportunity to re-evaluate, reflect, and think. Personally, this past week was challenging for me on many levels. Once the noise of life faded and things became a bit quiet, I took that opportunity to walk a few miles, go inward; reflect; meditate and seek wisdom. I often find that my wisdom is my security. Wisdom relies on the single-mindedness of meditation, and meditation depends upon the self-awareness of morality.

If there is one particular issue that is making you unsure or unclear at this moment, this may actually be a good reality.  It will force you to move in a different mental direction and develop clarity and decisiveness in some other area(s) of your life. We seek security for our homes, our jobs, our finances – and even our hearts. The only security we can really be sure of is the innate security that dwells within us; the security of knowing who we are, what we stand for, what we want, and what we don’t want in life.  In the realm of the heart, better a fog than a falsehood.

The intent of Tuesday Morning Love is to share inspiration that strengthens the soul, feeds the heart, and embraces our moments – any given moment – of any given day. I realize that life is beautiful even on my worst day.  I continue to slowly but surely learn to embrace the power of my NOW.

Tuesday’s love and light.

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