May 15, 2012: The INsider

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”   This classic and weighty citation originated from a campaign to enhance the advancement of education [and mindfulness] nearly 40 years ago, by the United Negro College Fund.  Since its expression, the awareness of presence, knowledge, and the inclination of inner influence, has awakened the minds of many scholastic and mystical thinkers alike.

The intuitive mind is a sacred place.  It is inborn, astute, honest, and perceptive.  It instinctively guides, positively persuades, and reassures our deepest sensitivities.  On any given day, it serves as both comfort and stability – and when we allow quiet time for it to be fluent, it benevolently gives us POWER in diverse ways.

Intuition gives us the kind of power we can trust – on the INSIDE.  It provides us with not only basic common sense to apply to everyday interactions, choices, and opportunities, but also provides the right kind of influences we need in order to review our arrangements, set goals, and place things of importance into perspective.  Sometimes, we are afraid to utilize it simply because we do not trust our “inner voice.”  It can be frightening, even alarming at times.  But our inner voice also has the ability to speak to us both in fear AND faith; and so we must subliminally decide on which inner voice we must trust.

None of us ever really know what’s going on – on the inside.  Our minds have a tendency to run the gamut of emotions: from happiness to grief; promise to pain; hopefulness to untrustworthiness.  They frequently forget our many blessings and advantages – which include the ability to reemerge.  Our fears, resentments, crazy dreams, and wild desires, also speak to us as inner-voices.   These same fears, hopes, feelings, and dreams often collide to confuse our poor befuddled brains.  So how are we supposed to be objective if our passions are so powerful and our preferences so intense?  If you cannot trust your own instincts, what can you trust?  You can trust the affirmative achievements you are headed to make.

Our inner-voice often reminds us that nothing in this world is more powerful or more dangerous than the truth, therefore we should honor that voice.  Developing a sense of trust within our minds and hearts will give us the courage to hear and see.  When we neglect the effort of utilizing our inner editor, we undeniably waste the most precious gift afforded to us: our MIND.  No matter how confused, agitated, or even biased that part of you may be, deep down inside, you know what’s right – and you know too, what’s wise.  You may elect to ignore it but that doesnt mean you cannot hear it.

Now…how can you be sure that you are really hearing the wisest part of YOU?  By listening to your heart; listening out for a tone that is sincere, calm, quiet, and gently positive.  Have a little more faith in the extent of your own influence.  Your intuitive powers are greater than you imagine.  Show it the respect that it [and you] so deserve.

Love and Light for your week ahead.

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