May 8, 2012: Reasons, Seasons, and Divine Order

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw,” so said the author, Deepak Chopra.

Puzzles come together somewhat like the segments of our lives. We must begin with the simple parts, like the frame, before we can graduate to the more complicated sections, like the center – otherwise known as the heart.  Like a jigsaw, more often than not, there is a need for us to sort out the mysterious pieces so that we can visualize where they fit in the riddle of life.   These are generally the sections in which our experience is lacking but can be organized and used for personal growth.  Once we pacify ourselves with a strategy and method of approach, we comprehend that a sense of direction has been established.  Only then can we begin to see how the pieces nicely fit into their perspective spaces.

Puzzles are designed to be shaped.  So are our lives. From the beginning, each person has a different structure with a different set of divine directions.  We devote a considerable amount of time to assuming the who’s, when’s, where’s, what’s, and how’s of our journey, forgetting that the why’s play the most integral role.  And the why – is the divine order that exist.  The why…is the recognition of our reason, season, or divine discovery, and the people, places, and things are positioned categorically and universally.  Divine Order is simply God’s way of ordering and arranging things.  Divine order is solid in its foundation.  Just as the framework of the pattern a puzzle provides, the past and present give us the tools we need to assemble this type of order in our lives.

Like footprints in the sand, the past shows us where we’ve been but not yet where we are going. The past demonstrates the reasons and results for the good, the bad, and the indifferent. It provides us a full view of the why’s, who’s, how’s, when’s and where’s, so that we can make healthier choices while moving forward.

The present affords us steady seasons to share, grow, and learn from each experience.  It gives us endless opportunities to witness the inevitability of change and proves time and again, that all things in this life are transient; hence beckoning our need to lessen our attachments to people, places, and material things. The present bestows us the grace of NOW – which is the only actual moment in which we can fully embrace.  This period helps us to understand that everything has a time and position: from birth to death, pleasure to pain, possessing to letting go.

The future is quite significant.  It is not present in motion or sight, but we awe at the possibilities of its arrival.  Just as the past and present, the future is also divine.  We acknowledge that we are part of the divine and the divine is a part of us.   Once we accept the humanity of all things and the certainty of change, we learn to live without fear and rid of anxiety about the future. Divine order assures us that all things, people, and circumstances have their place on the planet.  It doesn’t give us a crystal ball to glimpse through; rather a concrete sense of “placement” we can always rely on to guide our path.  With a little attentiveness, the puzzle of life somehow then becomes identifiable.

You may not value it now but there is a reason, a season, and an order for everything in your life. The challenges you face today and the challenges you will face later, are all elements that are meant to push you forward and reposition your growth in the most imperative way. Remember that it’s not just people who are here for a reason or season, situations are too.  Nothing in the universe is any more or less important than anything else, because divine order is always at work.  Trust it, trust your challenges, and trust the organization of your steps.

Love and Light for your Tuesday.

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