May 1, 2012: Sift and Sort

Mistakes are ok; they keep us human and equalized. We learn far more from our missteps than we ever do from our anticipated victories, though sometimes it takes us a while to understand this – and when we do, it is bittersweet. We sift through the salt on the bottom to sort through the sugar at the top. The manifestation of time proves that if we never made errors, we wouldn’t quite know how to develop a sense of reasoning, strengthen our minds, begin again, and move our feet in the direction of recovery.

There are many things in life we could have done should have done or not done. It doesn’t harm us to ponder about these things from time to time in an effort to realign our thought processes. When we make a mistake, we cannot absorb immediately all it has taught us because it pains us to dwell on the disappointment. And we know that if we analyze it too deeply, we risk getting stuck in it. Concerning our emotive state of mind, however, we should steer clear of dwelling on the things we should have done. The “should-ofs,” “could-ofs,” “would-ofs,” force us to believe that we are even more unproductive, more defenseless, more immobilized.

A past oversight is often referred to as “another country.” There is a reason it bears such a description. Many of us consciously like to visit often and long after it has become foreign soil for us to step in. In our attempts to revisit we see that the borders tightly have been sealed. Whereas the door remains open for anyone “confined” on the inside to leave, everyone else that attempts to stay will soon be evicted. As luck would have it, NO ONE is ever allowed to return. No worries, you don’t want to live there anyway. Yesterday is meant to be left behind. Venture on to take into account your decisions of long-ago then find yourself a new country.

Regret – is most regrettable. There is never any point in feeling guilty. Though a mistake of yesteryear may sometimes prove to cause much dismay and regret, we discover that there is power in moving forward. We cannot ever be so sure that we will free ourselves from the past simply by embracing the future but we can be sure that the influence of a new day will grant more opportunities for adjustment and renewal.

What lies ahead? That is the beauty of the future…we know not yet. What we do know is that we can put aside fear, sadness, guilt – even pride, and focus our attention on love, light, precision, and what matters most NOW that may yet prove relevant to the future. The month of May brings an opportunity to sift and sort the necessary from the unnecessary, the primary from the secondary, and the real from the illusion. Sift out your emotional tank. Sort out your mental bank. You cannot receive the new and improved if you’re insistent on holding on to the old and impaired. Leave the blunders of yesteryear behind. Whatever it is, now is a time to let it go.

Someone asked me recently how I deal with regrets. I told that person that I turn regrets into power. Mistakes have given me certainty on who I am and on who I am not. I have used the most difficult situations as opportunities to become more. To become a giant.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Love and Light for your Tuesday. Be great.

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