August 21 2012: The great landscape of life

Ever since I can remember, I have been a lover of geography and diehard suburbanite. I have always enjoyed being able to go into the city for its collective entertainment, exposition of art, and occupational affairs, while appreciating the return to the greenery and panorama that suburban living affords.

Since my recent return back home, I now live in close proximity to the city – perhaps closer in than I have ever lived before and as an adult. Fortunately enough, I have a piece of a view that presents me with the best of both worlds. The view from my fourth floor high rise stretches wide and far across a small city. Though there are loads of transit activity and pedestrian traffic circulating below, when I look above all of that, I can see mountains of treetops for days and hills of clouds that transform into weightless cotton balls of illumination. At twilight, a transforming mystical moon elegantly sits right above my patio. On most days and nights, I find myself spellbound by the mask of beauty that colonizes my surroundings.

When we are able to look out over these “moments” in time from a great height, it is easy to see physically where things are. If we so please, we can even plan and make allowance for the local terrain. It is however, much more difficult to do without the benefit of an elevated perspective. Much in the same way we get a view of our pictographic setting is much the same in how we view our noteworthy and sustainable goals; either we are courageously rising high above – or fearfully staying planted on the ground.

Be it water, land, or the sky that governs, I often perceive landscapes as the symbolic representations of life: compelling, expressive, wide-ranging, magnificent, solid, sustainable, imaginable, and within reach. What are most amazing are the possibilities these organic backdrops afford us to imagine, consider, and stimulate within the mind. The gift of sight is a cherished advantage, but what we discover is that much of life’s splendor is not always perceived with the naked eye; sometimes it is a matter of mental purpose over proclivity.

The way we have a handle on life at times may oblige us to imagine just how far apart some destinations are. When we bravely and earnestly look at the great landscapes of life, we realize that no thought or desire is useless, unachievable, or unreachable. Today, stop worrying about what you do not have and make use of what you do. Your gifts are sacred, divine, and waiting for YOU to arrive.

Block out an hour alone with the clouds from the center of your living room, get comfortable in your favorite spot near the ocean, or spend an evening of enchantment with the moon. The presence of NOW allows you to experience the exhilaration of rumination with this thing called Life.

Love and Light for your Tuesday and week ahead.

2 thoughts on “August 21 2012: The great landscape of life”

  1. Rochelle,

    Tuesday Morning is my weekly inspiration and has become a part of my daily Tuesday routine. When are you going to share your inspiration and talent with the world? I am waiting for your television broadcast. The time is now.


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