April 22, 2014: Tracy Chiles McGhee, Writer, Poet

Celebrating National Poetry Month

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Wrap-Around Porch


The porch is now empty after much
womanifesting and storytelling
and sipping and fanning
and swatting and funning
and coming and going
through the screen door.

The mosquitoes have passed out,
so drunk, full of our blood moonshine.
Green-gold fireflies pulse again,
visible against the darkness.
The crickets, hushed by our belly-deep laughter,
rehearse a comeback song.

Then, slowly, night’s moon,
full of herself, as a grand gesture,
releases her pull just enough
so that we may find embrace in our dreams
until we meet again,
here on this wrap-around porch.

Wrap-Around Porch by Tracy Chiles McGhee originally appeared in Mary Jane Ryals Poetry Corner, Tallahassee Democrat (August 25, 2010)


Friday Night

And it was long after Friday night

had rolled into Saturday

when he stumbled into bed gin-soaked

and musty with pit funk

and laid heavy on top of his main squeeze

and sang in hot breath her favorite love song

until his sins became hers and all was forgiven.


And it was long after Saturday night

had rolled into Sunday when he strutted

into the pulpit black coffee-soaked

and reekin’ of cheap cologne and cigarette smoke

and preached long and hard to his eager flock about

the power of redemption and three fainted and still

another came to the altar, shook off memories of

Friday night, and was saved.

Friday Night by Tracy Chiles McGhee originally appeared in Tidal Basin Review(Fall/Winter 2010)

Love and Light for your Tuesday and HAPPY EARTH DAY!


TMTracy Chiles McGhee is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her writings have appeared in a variety of publications such as the bestselling anthology “Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God: 51 Women Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection”, “Word Nation: An Anthology edited by Marita Golden”, “BOMB Magazine”, “Tidal Basin Review”, “Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal”, “Aspirations”, and “Tallahassee Democrat: Mary Jane Ryals Poetry Corner, to name a few. She is the debut author of an upcoming historical novel.

 In addition, Tracy is the co-founder of the Literacy, Empowerment, & Action Project (L.E.A.P.), whose mission is to use innovative literacy, school improvement, and girls’ empowerment programming to expand educational opportunities and to strengthen global communities. Poet and Acclaimed Poet Nikki Giovanni describes her experience with L.E.A.P. in O, The Oprah Magazine (January 2014) as transformative, “After a trip with L.E.A.P. for Ghana, I was reminded that people are really giving.” Tracy attended Catholic University of America School of Law and Georgetown University (B.A. in Psychology). She currently resides in Washington, DC.

Website:          www.tracychilesmcghee.com

Twitter:           @TeeCeeEm1, @leapforghana

Facebook:        http://www.facebook.com/tracychilesmcghee

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