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Author Spotlight: Nikki Skies

Author Nikki SKies
Author Nikki Skies

Nikki Skies is an accomplished poet, author, and playwright living in Atlanta, GA. Skies is the author of the short story book, “Mississippi Window Cracks” and the published collection of poetry and prose, “Pocket Honey, Wind & Hips”. Below is an excerpt from her newly released dramatic debut novel “The Town Dance”


Excerpt from newly released dramatic debut novel “The Town Dance”

Town Dance CoverTrista was dressed very casual in khaki pants and an opened jean shirt with a simple black tank top underneath. She had just gotten off of work and was looking out of the large picture window that served as the building wall onto the street. Once Trista heard another wave of people getting off the elevator, she turned around and smiled at the sight of Lorna.

“Hey, how are you?” Trista asked as she approached Lorna with a hug.

Lorna half-heartedly tried to adjust her keys, purse and briefcase around in her hands to hug Trista back. She yielded by leaning in to accommodate the hug.

“I’m okay,” she responded. Lorna tried to figure out a reason why Trista would be at her job waiting on her. She decided to ask.

“What are you doing here?”

“I had a delivery over this way so I just came to see you. See how your day went. You get my note? I mean notes,” Trista blushed and nervously put her hands in her pants pockets.

Lorna had been unsuccessful with changing her staggered expression since she first saw Trista.

“Yes,” she stuttered in response. “Yes, I got all of them and the messages on my machine…” Trista continued to show her adoration with a huge smile.

“I know, I know, it was probably a bit too much but I just really wanted to see you.” Trista leaned in to whisper. “I’m usually not this way but… you make me feel like a school girl who has a crush on the teacher.”

Lorna felt as if the lobby had suddenly gone up in temperature to about 98 degrees! She was officially disgusted with Trista and this conversation.

“What are you talking about?”

Trista was taken aback that Lorna was once again not being cordial. She figured it had been two days since they last saw each other, and surely after giving Lorna some space she would be happy to see her. Trista was confused and slightly embarrassed.


“The messages, the rose, the notes… what are you thinking about? I mean what are you doing?”

“I’m thinking about the other night when…”

“When I was drunk and woke up with a hickey on my breast? I passed out! If you…”

Trista’s breath collided with the floor! She immediately wondered if Kaylynn had something to do with Lorna’s sudden change of heart?

“Wait a minute! You weren’t that drunk. You told me to spend the night. As a matter of fact, you insisted that I spend the night…”

“So you wouldn’t drive home and get into an accident or something. I was drunk, I passed out and…”

“So what was all that at the club? Doing the body shots and all the close dancing? Wasn’t that you at the club all over me?”

Lorna felt as if the weekend was getting ready to come back and slap her in the face. She tried to remain as calm as possible.

“I am not gay,” Lorna softly responded.


More About Nikki Skies…

Author Nikki Skies
Author Nikki Skies

A firm believer in the power of education, Skies studied for her BA and MFA in Theatre and Screenplay Writing and uses her art as a teaching tool to encourage an interest in literacy. “The Town Dance” is the dramatic debut novel from Skies. More information can be found on at www.nikkiskies.wordpress.com

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