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November 19, 2013 – Compilations of Author/Poet Hillis Pugh

November is the month of Harvest and Thanksgiving

HILLIS PUGHGuest Commentary by Hillis Pugh, Author of Thank You Thursday Volume One, an inspiring and devotional book series that expresses the importance of having a grateful heart, mind, and spirit throughout life. The following excerpts are from Thank You Thursday the book.

Gratitude: We have a lot to have gratitude for each and everyday. From the moment we wake till we lay our head to rest. Take the time enjoy your works’, God’s works’ and the works’ of those before you.

Knowing Who You Are: Knowing who you truly are is invaluable to serve your higher calling or purpose. With this knowledge, we can be free from the heaviness of life, the burden, the pain, the guilt, the hate, the excess, and want to live fluidly in love of self and life.

Forgiveness: Once we have learned to look at ourselves and forgive ourselves for the transgressions we’ve committed, only then can we forgive others in the same manner. This puts us closer in being in touch with who we are and how we want to be treated.

Acceptance: We no longer live up to someone else’s level of expectancy, but we now live of our truth. When we finally come into acceptance, we acknowledge ourselves for who we are as human beings in this world.

Happiness: If there is one lesson I learned in my personal life, is don’t seek happiness for you’ll never find it, but let happiness find you. It will find you when it knows you are ready to accept the greatness it offers.

Being Care free: We all feel that in order to live care free and in the life desired, we must make a sacrifice. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Soul Mates: Our search for our Soul Mate is a tireless one, when expressed in human value. As humans we date, spend time with various people matching our vibration at that time in our life, meaning once our vibration changes so do the people, with exceptions.

Life Lessons: Each lesson learned unlocks new levels of accession. The accession felt is the release of long term beliefs no longer of service to who you are now.

Releasing Sanctity: Creating a life with intention, being fulfilled, feeling good, and having and sharing love. When you release what you think is good, what you know feels good will fill your Soul.

Our Only Job, Love: Feeling good is key in fulfilling our Job, Love. When we feel good, we know love is present. No matter where we are or what we are doing, love is present in our experience, all around us. All we have to do is connect to it. Love is your Job, Love is the experience you have asked you.

Love, Light, and Appreciation for your Tuesday!

HillisHillis Pugh is the author of the newly inspired devotional Thank You Thursday.  A self-published poet, entrepreneur, and inspirational writer from Chicago, Illinois, he creatively uses outlets such as poetry writing and graphic design to share his prolific sense of self-reflection and sensuality with the world. This type of spiritual platform has opened him up to share his work with a new awareness. Thank You Thursday is a blog and now a book of channeled inspirational writings and original poetry, that awakens the soul and encourages the heart to grasps more gratitude in everyday life.

He is currently working on a new collaborative project The World’s Appreciation Book, which is due to publish in 2014. The World’s Appreciation Book is a teaching mechanism and shares detailed accounts of challenging stories and the appreciation of life. Should you wish to share your impactful story, submissions are being accepted at http://www.hillispugh.com/worlds-appreciation-book-project/

Thank You Thursday is now available in paperback on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Thursday-Volume-1/dp/0615741452 and Kindle. http://hillispugh.com. The extended versions of today’s writings can be found at http://www.hillispugh.com/blog/blog-2/blog-archives/