April 30, 2013: Joel Dias-Porter

Joel Dias PorterJoel Dias-Porter,  Pittsburgh’s DJ Renegade Award-Winning Spoken Word Poet/Haiku Master

Celebrating National Poetry Month

[Following are seven profoundly impressive haiku]



First of April-
Maybe this cute cashier
has no boyfriend.

Spring loneliness-
The wind pushes an empty
box of Newports.

April puddles-
Even this atheist
must take a leap.

Monday Morning-
Even my reality checks
are bouncing.

At the corner
A boy with his pants sagging-
Half moon.

Hair bun bobbing
as she slowly disappears-
The setting sun.

Fiftieth birthday-
Looking up a word
I used to know



At the table’s
padded edge,
I study her face
as the cards,
wait to reveal
our future,
oblivious to
the weight,
of placed wagers.
Their rhythmic chorus-
riffling, cutting,
entering and exiting
a dovetailing desire,
an unsettling sound,
one that cannot hint or
predict the
deck’s secret details,
no tableside sign
of awaited outcomes.
I close my eyes
and imagine,
listen for the whisper
and swoosh
of a river
beyond the Turn.
This is chaos,
the run
of randomness.
Will a large Spade
bury what remains
of my hand?
Only one gets
what they want.
The last card
And here,
where hearts
pump their deepest,
her skin that once
seemed silent
now bursts
into radiant bloom.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

Joel Dias-Porter (aka DJ Renegade) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a former professional DJ.

From 1994- 1999 he competed in the National Poetry Slam, and was the 1998 and 99 Haiku Slam Champion. His poems have been published in; Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Callaloo, Ploughshares, Antioch Review, Red Brick Review, Asheville Review, Beltway Quarterly and the anthologies Gathering Ground, Love Poetry Out Loud, Meow: Spoken Word from the Black Cat, Short Fuse, Role Call, Def Poetry Jam, 360 Degrees of Black Poetry, Slam (The Book), Revival: Spoken Word from Lollapallooza, Poetry Nation, Beyond the Frontier, Spoken Word Revolution, Catch a Fire, and The Black Rooster Social Inn.

In 1995, He received the Furious Flower “Emerging Poet Award.” Performances include the Today Show, the documentary SlamNation, on BET, and in the feature film Slam.  A Cave Canem fellow and the father of a young son, he has a CD of jazz and poetry entitled ‘LibationSong’.  Joel’s poems can be explored at http://www.renegadesblog.blogspot.com

2 thoughts on “April 30, 2013: Joel Dias-Porter”

    1. Joel, it has been my pleasure to serve you. A haiku for you…

      Your authentic verse
      hang viewed like a chandelier
      obvious and free.

      FLUSH was full of creativity, suspense, and radiance! Thank you for being a valued contributor to National Poetry Month!


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