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CeLillianne Green – Lawyer, Poet, Teacher, Speaker

 Celebrating National Poetry Month 2015

“Hands-On Experience”

Copyright © 2006, Recited at National Day to End Sexual Violence sponsored by DC Rape Crisis Center, Washington, DC (Apr. 6, 2006).
Poet, Activist, Public Speaker, CeLillianne Green
Poet, Activist, Public Speaker, CeLillianne Green

If I put my hands on you in a threatening way

Get up. Get out. Don’t stay.


While there is a reason for my behavior

The reason is not in your favor


Indeed, the reason I threaten you really doesn’t matter

Someone who batters is someone who batters


Of course, the reason may help you understand

In the meantime, I can’t control my hands


Believe me, this is a signal I’m out of control

I’m clearly not connected to my soul


My reason is nothing for you to savor

Please do us both a favor


Believe in yourself and that you matter

Know that what I’m doing is not meant to flatter


If I put my hands on you in a threatening way

Get up. Get out. Don’t stay.


This is a hands-on experience you don’t deserve

This experience will only fray your nerves


If I put my hands on you in any unacceptable way

There’s only one word for you to say




Goodbye in whatever language you choose

Say goodbye before I further abuse


Don’t wait for the violence to escalate

If you wait, it might be too late


If I put my hands on you, I can’t control myself

I pose a danger to you, myself, and to anyone else


I need help to understand my deep emotional pain

My rage and my anger take me to the brink of being insane


I don’t know what triggers my anger and rage

I want to stop before I reach another age


The problem is I’ve been angry for a very long time

No one seems to care what’s on my mind


I want help. I desperately do

I’m afraid to seek help. Instead, I attack you


If I don’t seek help and deal with my pain

We’ll both suffer from emotional drain


Until I seek help for my deep seeded pain

You will be the target where I aim


There’s no excuse for me to treat you unkind

Saying I’m sorry is not enough each time


If I hurt you once, I will hurt you again

There’s no need for you to pretend


Don’t pretend I’ve done nothing wrong

With me, you don’t belong


You deserve to be treated like a queen

Not with violence or words that demean


Do not accept my unacceptable behavior

Please do us both a favor




Leave and do not come back

You should not be attacked


When I choose to get help and clean up my act

If you’re available, I’ll make contact


Maybe then, we can begin again

For now, let this be the end


I’ve said it before and I must say it again


If I put my hands on you in a threatening way

Your life is in danger. Get out. Don’t stay.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

CeLillianne GCeLillianne Green is a conscious spirit, attorney-at-law, public speaker, mediator, and prolific poet. She combines her experiences and virtuosity in much of her writing. Her focus is centered on such topics as love, spirituality, relationships, history, and politics. CeLillianne has been inspired, invited, and commissioned to write poetry to honor individuals and to recognize events, anniversaries, and institutions.

In 2003, CeLillianne published her first written poem Because I Love You. She proceeded in 2005, which brought about more thought-provoking observations in culture through prose and poetry. In 2009, CeLillianne Green was recognized as a Social Justice Thought Leader by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University in its publication  “Obama Reflections: From Election Day to Presidency.” In 2010, she published her first book That Word which was recently selected for inclusion in the 2015 DC Black Theatre Festival Reading Series, which takes place June 19-28, 2015.

Her first spoken word recording CeLillianne Says was released in 2011, followed by her eBook Marching Orders & She Rose in 2013. More recent poems include Stand Your Ground which was written in response to the jury verdict after the killing of Trayvon Martin, A Graceful Bow & My My My paid tribute to Maya Angelou, and Casual Killing to address police killings of African Americans. http://www.celilliannegreen.com

That Word , the book
That Word , the book

That Word Theatrical Reading Production has been selected by the DC Black Theatre Festival which takes place June 19-28, 2015. If you would like to support this production, please visit:

http://www.gofundme.com/qw752a8. If you prefer to make a contribution via regular mail, please send to: P.O. Box 29649, Washington, D.C. 20017. Thank you for your support.




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